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Violet is happy that her father has come to pick her up after her first day at a new school. But as she races over to meet him, one of the other kids asks, “How come your Dad is blue and you’re not?” Violet has never even thought about this […]

Gray Wolf’s Search

Young Gray Wolf lives on the Pacific Northwest coast with the Wolf Clan. His uncle, the clan shaman, tells Gray Wolf that his future success depends on completing an important taskā€”he must find a very important person and get to know him well. To view a lesson, please click here […]

The Secret of the Village Fool

Milek and his brother Munio live in a quiet village in Poland with their odd neighbour, Anton, the Village Fool. Anton is a gentle but strange man who talks to animals, feeds flies, and only eats vegetables. When the Nazis begin rounding up Jewish boys, Anton worries about his neighbours […]

Emily Included

A Regular School – Emily Eaton was born with cerebral palsy. She couldn’t communicate or control her movements like other kids, and she used a wheelchair. But that did not stop her from wanting to be a kid like everyone else, including going to a regular school. A Fight to […]

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