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Mount Albion’s “Courageous Voices” Project

The “Courageous Voices” project was an inquiry-based series of activities focusing on social justice issues. The Grade 7/8 students first conducted  research regarding people they felt had demonstrated courage/heroism in making a difference in the world in a social justice context. The second part of the project involved the students writing a persuasive essay arguing why the person they chose should be considered a “Courageous Voice”. Part three involved the creation of an enlarged head/shoulder sketch of the students’ chosen individual.

Part four, the culminating piece, involved working together in groups with other students whose chosen individuals had similar social justice interests, to develop a “spoken word” poem that would send a powerful message to an audience about the social justice issue. The students had the amazing opportunity to work with a professional artist, Mr. Joshua Taylor, who provided instruction and guidance in the art form of spoken word. Funding for this “Learning Through the Arts” Partnership, was made possible by the generous donation from The Hamilton Community Foundation Abacus Student Support Fund.

The students presented their poems in a performance piece to the student body, parents, and staff at Mount Albion in an effort to raise awareness of these social justice issues and to encourage student engagement and involvement.


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