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How to Boil a Frog!

This film is “…an online funhouse of video, info & opportunities to make friends, fun and trouble while saving civilization!”

From the site:

How to Boil a Frog is a comedic documentary about Overshoot: too many people using up too little planet much too fast. Yes, we’ve taken the kind of material that makes people jump off bridges, put it in a blender, and churned out a Smoothie o’ Fun that gives you the Big Picture of what the hell is going on with our so-called civilization, and tells you what you and I can do about it that will not only actually make a difference (no light bulbs!) but also make our lives better right now! More fun! More friends! Free food! It’s a bargain. Visit your local grocer, muffler shop or network, and tell them to stock How to Boil a Frog today!

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I am an inquiry minded historian with a passion for engaging students, the department head of Canadian and World Studies at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in Hamilton, ON, and above all that, a father of two amazing little ladies!

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